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State, National, International and European Champion Stylist and Makeup Artist.
From the Gardens of Brazil.....
Brazilian Keratin
Beautiful, Healthy, Shiny Hair
Features and Benefits:
~Original: Best for Caucasian and Asian Hair

~​Chocolate: Best for very coarse, multicultural textured hair

~​Advanced: Designed for clients with an active lifestyle

​General results are 2-4 months although Ruth has seen many clients have benefits up to 8 months due to cumulative effects of the Keratin.

​Ruth provides a Shampoo and Conditioner with every Keratin Treatment

Caring for your Keratin Treatment:

~Wear hair down all the time.​
~Use blow dryer or flat iron as needed (in case of hair getting wet) during the 3 day period
~Wear a silky scarf to pull hair away from your face.

~​Shampoo hair for 3-4 days or 24 hours for the Advanced Treatment
~Wear or use a pony tail or clips
~Avoid sweating or exercise
~Placing hair behind your ears

*Prices upon consultation and the prices include a full size Shampoo and Conditioner